Lush Ro’s Argan body conditioner

I’m seriously in love with Lush products and how amazing they are on my skin. I also love the fact that they stand strongly against animal testing and in my opinion more companies should opt for this standard when it comes to product testing but that’s just my opinion.

I actually stopped using this body conditioner for a while but as the colder seasons are approaching… I can become quite lazy to moisturize so I enjoy something where I can slap on and massage on while I shower then quickly dry off and pop on my clothes. It saves time! The scent isn’t too strong as well, as it is a light rose scent, which makes it even better because I like to stay away from products that are too overpowering.

Looking at the ingredients, you can tell this product is filled with amazing goodness and oils that nourishes the skin. Like they say, it’s like conditioner for your hair but your body! This product cost me $32.95, although I do find it quite pricey… I wish it came with a lot more product because I tend to slather quite a bit on but that’s because I have fairly dry skin. Therefore I consider this product as a treat for my skin here and there :).

I definitely would recommend this product to anyone who likes to just do everything in the shower, it will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth. *Currently feeling my arm* yep! it’s still smooth!!! And if you’re worried that you might not like the product, you could always try ask the assistant for a sample to try at home!

My product rating: 10/10



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